10 Highest Celebrity NFT collectors Value September 2021

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Which celebrities represent the mainstream frontrunners of NFTs?

Celebrities are now joining the NFT movement in greater numbers than ever before. 

DapperRadar is the one who keeps track and records the value of wallets and has put together the top 10

On late September, Snoop Dogg was revealed as Cozomo de ‘Medici, making headlines in the NFT space. With more than $18 million in NFTs by the end of September, Snoop became one of the most important NFT collectors in the space. He recently purchased an XCOPY artwork for more than $3.8 million.

Alexis Ohanian also made the news by going to the MET Gala with a CryptoPunk badge on his collar. In addition, the internet guru and entrepreneur gifted his wife Serena Williams her personal lookalike Punk. Considering these bold statements, it is no surprise that both of them made it in this month’s top 10 most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios chart.

Top 10 most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios in September

valuable celebrity NFT portfolios
valuable celebrity NFT portfolios
valuable celebrity NFT portfolios
valuable celebrity NFT portfolios

What’s next?

The NFT space has just started welcoming celebrities. Judging by September’s ranking, most of the ones that are already involved are either in the music or sports businesses. However, as the NFT industry moves further into the mainstream, we expect more celebrity NFT portfolios to pop up.

One of the best qualities of blockchain technology is that it guarantees transparency. Now you can easily see how much your favorite celebrities have invested in their NFT collection. Follow transaction histories, and purchase prices with the handy DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. Or start working on your very own portfolio, simply log in with your Ethereum or BSC address.

Keep in mind that DappRadar only ranks wallets in this list that we have thoroughly checked and verified. The celebrity owners of all these addresses have announced their ownership publicly. You can find the full list of our expert-vetted celebrity wallets here. Maybe one of them will make a whale move and enter next months’ ranking?

DappRadar will continue monitoring these wallets, and any new ones we verify. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Discord to get the latest news first.

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