B Real Rare NFT Collections Drops On Flow | RHYTM Partnership With Primary Wave Music

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In partnership with Primary Wave Music, they are proud to announce the launch of RHTHM, unblocked by The Non Fungible Token Company.

Unblocked’s mission is to create NFT experiences that go beyond the drop, connecting brands and artists with fans online as well as in person. They will be accessible to collectors at all price points and provide ways for users to interact with their favorite artists and the community through challenges and other games to unlock and earn rewards such as VIP concert tickets and meet-and-greets.

RHTHM will be the destination to collect exclusive NFTs from the iconic artists starting with Cypress Hill but with many more to come.

Unblocked is led by a team with experience in both the consumer and blockchain spaces. Co-founders Brian Dilley, Jeremy Arnold, and Harrison Wang have all worked together at Flipagram, TikTok, Blockfolio and FTX leading the engineering and growth teams at various stops. The rest of the team is mostly from the same companies as well. Most of the team has been together for five-to-six years, if not longer.

They believe in building lasting engaging user experiences. By working closely with our partners and using our expertise in blockchain and social media worlds, we are exploring new and unique ways for users to engage with NFTs while making it accessible to all.

While stand-alone collectibles are the norm, Unblocked also plans to sell NFTs in packs, like NBA Top Shot, gamifying the experience through “Easter egg” extras. Collections are also being planned, encouraging fans to collect sets of related NFTs to unlock more exclusive rewards.

Flow is superior to other blockchains in that it’s fee structure lends itself to a better user experience. Also, it’s APIs and development environment and tools are a breath of fresh air when compared to other smart contract based blockchains.

It’s obvious that Flow was built with user experience in mind and provides the tools necessary for application developers to provide great experiences for their users.

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