Dapper labs Flow Integrates Filecoin To Promote NTF & Gaming

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Filecoin is integrated into Dapper Labs’ game meta-universe and NFT promotions. Dapper Labs is integrating Filecoin with the Flow blockchain to take the lead in realizing the ownership of NFTs, including basic media assets, as well as establishing best practices for storage of NFT data. As a result of the Next Step Microgrant Program, projects that integrate IPFS, Filecoin, Pinata or NFT.Storage (such as NFT.Storage) will be eligible for funding.

The Filecoin network has officially reached an important milestone 11 months after its launch. Since last week, Filecoin users have been able to access over 10 EB of decentralized storage through the Filecoin storage provider community. 10EiB is equivalent to 190 Internet archives, 45,000 Wikipedias, and 6,850,000 years of video calls! The decentralized Internet and the Filecoin community have both achieved greatness with this achievement.

The Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator II demo day supported by Tachyon is now open for registration. Some of the most ambitious web3 founders have projects to build companies in DeFi, NFT, games, social, and Metaverse.

The Filecoin network is a breakthrough in decentralized storage network infrastructure and protocols. There are many storage solutions on the Internet, but few are as advanced as Filecoin in terms of decentralization and transparency. Now, with Estuary, the community has an open source stack that can be used for free to store public data on Filecoin.

Storage providers are the core of Filecoin’s decentralized storage network. This is why BUIDL Labs created DataStation. DataStation is a platform that focuses on storage provider information and aims to provide quantitative and qualitative information about storage providers in an easy-to-understand manner. data. DataStation will also provide users with an easier way to select storage providers based on their specific needs.

The Filecoin Foundation has launched the Storage Provider Rewards Committee, an open tool for coordinating work priorities and leveraging the collective knowledge of the Filecoin ecosystem in crowdsourcing solutions for the storage provider community.

The goals of the Storage Provider Bounty Committee are:

  • Improve Filecoin’s ecosystem and community support by working with community members and contributors.
  • Incentivize more contributors to participate in the Filecoin project and solve open problems by rewarding ongoing and existing contributors who add significant value to Filecoin.

There is still time to apply for the Filecoin community activity grant! The grant plan will include a series of small grants to help cover the costs of organizing community events from October 18th to 22nd to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of the Filecoin mainnet. To apply, please fill out this form by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on September 10th.

Asia Hackathon Season 2021 is a months-long hackathon series that will identify, accelerate and highlight the incredible development that is taking place in Asia through the Filecoin and IPFS stack. Participating teams, startups, projects and entrepreneurs will receive $500,000 in prizes and grants!

  • Filecoin Plus: How existing storage providers work with verified customers, by Galen McAndrew from the Filecoin Foundation
  • Filecoin performance optimization and Intel hardware platform, by Leng Bo from StorSwift Corporation
  • NVIDIA Chen Long uses the new Filecoin architecture of the InfiniBand SSD pool

Last week, Encode Filecoin Club invited Matt Ober, Pinata’s co-founder and chief technology officer, to a conference to introduce Pinata to students and hackers. In the one-hour meeting, Matt demonstrated how to pin data to IPFS and then retrieve the content.

Filecoin is the first blockchain to connect the physical world to the blockchain and realize practical applications. At present, ecological applications are booming. The core of digital technology is data storage. Filecoin is the undisputed number one in the field of distributed storage. Its underlying technology, IPFS, is currently the most widely used distributed storage protocol and has been studied by major Internet companies and institutions. ,application.

Filecoin’s project party protocol laboratory is the deepest accumulated and most active promoter of WEB3.0 technology. Many of its underlying technologies of WEB3.0 have become the basic protocols of the decentralized Internet. Less than a year after the main network was launched, the storage of the entire network has exceeded 10 exabytes. This speed is unmatched by any centralized cloud computing company!

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