Decentology web3 Applications Boot Camp On Flow | Collaboration With Umba Daima

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Flow is committed to creating a welcoming and diverse ecosystem, and Flow was built to be open and accessible. In celebration of Black History Month, we’re inviting you to celebrate with Flow and some of our ecosystem partners

  • Fast Floward-2 workshop: Kicking off on February 21, Flow is partnering with Decentology to host a one week bootcamp designed to introduce fundamental blockchain concepts and teach developers how to build robust  on Flow with just a few lines of JavaScript using the Hyperverse.
  • Partnership with Black NFT Art: Flow has partnered with Umba Daima, an NFT art studio, for NFT Web 3 event series taking place in Atlanta. The series will feature blockchain workshops and social events to promote building on Flow. The first event will kick off on February 21 at 6:30pm ET with a workshop led by Decentology. The workshop will introduce fundamental NFT concepts and the basic technical elements for creating NFT art on the Flow blockchain.
  • Partnership with Black Women on Boards: Flow collaborated with Black Women on Boards, a new global organization focused on supporting Black female executives to accelerate career opportunities, to host an NFT auction on Versus to more broadly engage the community and fuel the program. The NFT entitled Rise & Shine by artist Elise Swopes will benefit the artist and BWOB’s “Lift As You Climb” Fellowship, an initiative created to inspire the next generation of diverse talent.


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