In|Rift Drop NewGen IRL NFT Pioneer Collection Mint Price 30 Flow | Low supply On Genesis

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Who are IN|RIFT?

IN|RIFT’s purpose is to combine virtual and physical experiences into virtual collections. Virtual Wearables are applied as NFTs, unlocking their potential for real-world and metaverse consumption at the intersection of Fashion and Game Technology.  

The genesis of a NewGen Luxury Virtual Fashion movement has begun.

IN|RIFT is playing a pivotal role bringing pioneering Brands and their communities into this new realm of self expression and Digital asset ownership.

Initially we will:

1. Create 3D wearables from our own creation studio and partner Designer Brands.

2. Craft and elevate the assets with a hierarchy of rarity and value levels.

3. Link them to a utility depending on the rarity status. The rarer, the hotter 🔥

IN|RIFT will continue to release some personal collections, but our main focus is to offer Drops from exclusive partnerships with Brands and creators who will help define this fashion movement.

Pioneer Collection by IN|RIFT


The Japanese symbol Senku-sha for ‘Pioneer’ will feature as a central emblem on this collection.

We wanted to kick-off our creative work with an artistic collection that best reflects the IN|RIFT universe of videogames, popular culture and hype fashion from Japan.

It is a tribute to cultures we are drawn to and have grown up with.

Project’s kick-off

IN|RIFT is a registered company, 100% self-funded so far, and we have been working on it for close to a year.

It is now time to step-up and accelerate our platform by attracting more like minded people from all walks of life to help us accomplish our vision.

We spent the last 12 months:

  • Exploring use case with Brands
  • Defining our vision and high-level development phases
  • Developing our smart contract
  • Designing our first 3D Wearable collection
  • Building an Alpha front-end
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Discussing with brands

We expect our ‘Pioneer Collection’ to sell-out. This in turn will lead to ~95.000 FLOW to kick-off the project.

It aims to be able to:

  • Hire full-time 7 technical staff (Four Sr. Developers, one UX/UI Designer, one Product Manager, one Web-developer)
  • Having our current staff (3) working full time (CTO, Marketing lead, Strategic partnerships lead)
  • Few $k for events & cool marketing stuff ‘off’ roadmap

Importantly this will enable us to continue prospecting premium Brands and offer you exclusive virtual collections, products and experiences.

Mint dates, supply & price

We decided to spread the sale of our first collection in 3 Drops spaced by 3 weeks apart which leave us more time to promote and get noticed.

Each Drop offers new items or upgrades between previous Drops (colours & animations mainly), each item and depending on the rarity will have specific utility and experiential attributes.

We decided to keep the supply very low. The goal of the inaugural Pioneer Collection is mainly to reward our first believers | holders through all our initial development phases.

“Pioneer Collection”

3 drops — 3 dates — 3.333 total supply

Mint price: 30 FLOW

Full list of items with rarity level and utility will be disclosed later in a 3rd article.

Smart contracts & NFT content

Voucher smart contract

We created vouchers to run our project in a non-custodial and secure way. When buying an item from a Drop, you first receive an IN|RIFT voucher. When the Drop sells-out or ends, your voucher will be exchanged for an item from the Drop you bought. You are able to buy several vouchers.

Vouchers are a ‘bridge’ before the reveal moment and items are randomly attributed when holders give back the voucher.

NFT’s smart contract

Each NFT contains a IPFS link packaged with:

1. NFT renders as .PNG

2. Turntable with animated object as .MP4

3. Original 3D files


You will have all details on our website in the coming days:

Important note: Hiring a Tech team (and ramp-up) takes time, it can’t be done in a yearly quarter. The Roadmap activation will gain greater momentum in H2 post pivotal hires. 😊

This is the public Roadmap, we also have incredible side projects including Events and Exclusive announcements with our Marketing lead.

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