Meta Panda Club – Basketball Community On Flow With Real Physical Benefits

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The Meta Panda Club, which was founded by NBA champion Metta World Peace and many other NBA stars, aims to build the world’s largest basketball community, uniting professional players, teams, leagues, and fans. In the era of Web3, we strive to bring the most loved players closer than ever to the fans with our Genesis drop of 10,000 Meta Panda NFTs. We know that they would be more likely to participate in MPC if they had tangible utilities instead of just a cool JPEG profile picture.

Just like basketball games, MPC also has strong root in the physical world, all our future NFT drops will be combined with physical presence. We are here for the long haul. Here is a breakdown of how we will keep building MPC for the future:

Out of the revenue from NFT sales — 50% will be directly invested into in-real-life (IRL) basketball games, events with legendary NBA players and uniting players to the club; 40% will be invested in building the tech and merchandises bridging metaverse to physical world; 10% will be used to support the team behind the scenes.

And this is just the beginning. 

Future drops of NFTs including opportunities to own a piece of most iconic basketball moments, to invest in your favorite team, to sponsor future NBA stars, or even to own a piece of the largest basketball league in the world.

We can’t wait to build a community for basketball fans, so learn a little bit more about Meta Panda Club as we prepare for our genesis drop beginning with a pre-sale on March 24.

The Meta Panda Club Manifesto 

Basketball is ubiquitous, from the NBA, to your local basketball courts, to the metaverse, we share the same passion for the sport.

Here in Web3 we are building a new basketball community.

And playing basketball here is different.

Breaking down boundaries.

Forging strong bonds.

Participating in the games, in metaverse or physical world.

Investing directly to support future NBA stars or simply the best player in your neighborhood.

Even owning a piece of the largest basketball league in the world.

We are just getting started

Here’s to the ones with the passion to hop onboard Meta Panda Club (MPC). A club that is initiated by renowned NBA player Metta World Peace among others created, and owned by all basketball enthusiasts.

Vision & Values

Our vision: Create the world’s largest decentralized basketball community for the metaverse and physical world.


Packed with utilities: Not your average JPEG NFT projects. We believe in having tangible utilities is the key to unite basketball passionate globally: be it physical merchandise, membership access to special venues, VIP tickets to games, metaverse integration, or offline meetups with your favorite players. Art will still be an integral part of the club, but not the main utility.

Creating values for all:  players, fans, teams, and leagues. It’s one thing to participate in one game, it’s another to own a piece of the game, a team, the entire league and even the NBA. We are here for the long haul.

Physical World 

Basketball IRL Events

Members of the MPC can expect exclusive games featuring some of the best players on the planet. Want to train your skills in person with NBA players as your coach? Want to compete with your legends? Or simply want to meet and greet with your favorite players? MPC will make it happen for you.

Streetwear and basketball gears

Backed by full-fledged manufacturing capabilities, MPC members can expect exclusive drops featuring community designed streetwear and top-notch basketball gear in combination with tradable NFT tokens.


Physical and digital collectibles, signed apparel (and NFTs), figurines, titanium membership cards. Just to name a few things.


There’s no better way to experience basketball than an immersive and interactive way, either in person or virtually. Leveraging existing metaverse facilities, our goal is to make basketball experiences without boundaries. Decentraland and Sandbox are a few platforms that we are considering.

How to Join the Club

MPC Giveaway

Become part of the MPC community and participate in our giveaways to win a Meta Panda.

  • Follow @metapandaclub Twitter
  • Find and like the giveaway post on Twitter, tag 5 friends and use the hashtag #MetaPandaClub
  • Join Meta Panda Club Discord

Pre-sale: March 24th

Head over to Discord to be included in the Pre-sale of 3000 Meta Pandas. available exclusively to our Discord community and website subscribers!  150 Whitelist spots available!

General sale: March 25th

Each Meta Panda NFT will be available for purchase at via a Dapper wallet.

Setting up a Dapper wallet is an easy process, and it is free to set up

Secondary marketplace

After launch, you can purchase Meta Panda NFT from a selection of secondary marketplaces.

About XvsX Sports and Lifo

XvsX Sports, founded by Metta World Peace, and Lifo are partnering to build the Meta Panda Club from ground up.  XvsX is building the world’s largest basketball community, while Lifo brings the state-of-the-art Crypto technology and manufacturing capabilities to the table. We also partner with the incredible team at who specializes in blockchain technology to deliver secure and safe blockchain transactions on FLOW.

For more info, visit us at


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