NFT Genius Launches Ballerz & Gaia Marketplace November | Buy With Dapper Wallet Using ETH, BTC, BCH, DAI & USDC

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Storytellers, technologists, and innovators at NFT Genius work together to deliver world-class digital experiences and marketplace technology to the NFT market.

They released the first set of collectible NFTs with Bitcoin Origins in 2020, quickly building a community of crypto enthusiasts through immersive storytelling and an online scavenger hunt. One BTC was awarded to the winner!

they are excited to bring their interactive NFT expertise to Flow with the launch of BALLERZ on November 5.  This will also coincide with the official launch of our Gaia marketplace, which will soon house NFTs from some of the world’s best brands, athletes, musicians, and artists.

Gaia will also be one of the first ecosystems to utilize Dapper Wallet, allowing you to make purchases using your Dapper Balance or credit card; and also add to your Dapper Balance using ETH, BTC, BCH, DAI & USDC.

What is BALLERZ?

BALLERZ is a basketball-inspired generative NFT set, where 10,000 avatars are minted from over 500,000,000 possible permutations. There will be 42 teams as both men and women — and each Baller will have metadata for dunks, shooting, playmaking, and defense. This is all about setting up the foundation for an exciting 2022!

As basketball fans, NBA Top Shot early adopters, and retired video game addicts, we wanted to create a collection that reflects our passion for the game and for NFTs, and bring it into an interactive environment, taking full advantage of the flexibility and extensibility of Flow.

In 2022 well be rolling out gameplay features (think both arcade-style games with leaderboards, as well as team vs team matchups), ties to real-world basketball games, and additional BALLERZ sets. Our goal ultimately is to continue to add value to the entire collection, as well as ongoing rewards to the OG BALLERZ owners who are with us from Day 1.  More to be revealed after the drop!

What We Love About Flow

BALLERZ and our Gaia marketplace are purposefully built on Flow because of its vibrant community of sports collectors, NFT enthusiasts, and forward thinking blockchain pioneers.

The Flow ecosystem allows for easy user onboarding and payments via credit card, which allows us to serve a mainstream audience that is still being introduced to the world of NFTs.

Building on Flow and using upgradable smart contracts also gives us the flexibility to incorporate future gameplay elements, which will be crucial as we continue to evolve the BALLERZ universe.

How To Participate

There are two ways to participate and get a Baller of your own!

1) Complete Flow Fest activities to earn yourself a Mystery Pack  There are 1,000 BALLERZ randomly distributed throughout all the packs — and if you don’t get a Baller, you’ll still get 3 great NFTs from other partners on Flow.

2) Visit on November 5 at 2pm PT and purchase BALLERZ directly from our marketplace! Each Baller will be priced at $200 USD, and purchasing will be done via Dapper Wallet. If you don’t have a Dapper Wallet, you can set one up at

Join The Community

You can also follow along on Twitter and Discord to connect with other collectors, share your own ideas for BALLERZ, and become a part of the evolution of the project!  More details to come at — we’re looking forward to having you join the team!

About NFT Genius

NFT Genius is a team of storytellers, technologists, and innovators focused on delivering world-class digital experiences and marketplace technology to the NFT market.

We are proudly backed by an illustrious group of investors, including Roham Gharegozlou, Mark Cuban, Anthony Pompliano, Sound Ventures, and HOF Capital.

With utility and experiential design at the core, we are focused on radically changing the world of digital collectibles, one meaningful experience at a time. Learn more at

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