Starly Renaissance NFT Drop Price on Flow Coin Artist Marketplace Backed By China Academy of Art (CAA)

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An extraordinary collection, The Renascence, dropped on December 2, the result of a special collaboration between THiNG.FUND and Starly, two Flow ecosystem projects. In just four hours, it brought in an impressive amount of $200K in primary sales!


THiNG.FUND is a crypto art incubator, with a mission to discover artists at the intersection of the traditional world and the crypto universe. It is backed by the China Academy of Art (CAA), holding the top position in the Chinese fine-art area.

They have assembled professors renowned in the academic world in a decentralized autonomous organization to select works with artistic attainments and depth of thought, which might potentially leave a strong mark in art history.

The Renascence

This is the first co-creation Collection of Sci-fi artworks by 3 winners of NextGen artist selection. Crypto•NextGen Frontier Artist Selection was launched on July 1st and looked for artworks that integrate Chinese culture, cutting-edge creativity and digital creation. More than 300 artists submitted over 700 fantastic works. Shortlist with public voting went viral, getting a total of 780k visits and 150k votes.

Collection peeks into the future that combines multiple possibilities. Almost eliminated humanity has never lost hope, nor will the fire of civilization die easily. The survivors of the Apocalypse struggled for life, trying their best to sustain themselves in the harsh environment. In a post-apocalyptic world, people are forced to make a choice, braving the quickly deteriorating world with a strong will, to carve out some living space.

Collection on Starly

Starly platform is a space for creators who build economies around their gamified NFT collections with a future aim to accelerate mass adoption of NFTs.

While a standard collection on Starly comes in a set of 21 cards — 11 commons, 6 rare, and 4 legendary, organized randomly in sealed packages and can be purchased with fUSD, this collection is uniquely different.

Believing in THiNG.FUND vision and approach to the future of art, Starly team accommodated their special requests. Collection has a different amount of Common, Rare and Legendary cards, as well as 7 extra special Legendary cards of just 1 edition each. Also payments with FLOW have been enabled for this drop. They have also expressed openness to accommodate more custom made projects.

We’re excited to see THiNG.FUND and Starly come together and can’t wait to see what else comes from the awesome ecosystem on Flow.

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