NFT jumped right on board and hasn’t let the sports industry down. SportsIcon is the only company taking advantage of the potential of NFTs in order to expand into sports.

Using iconic and exclusive NFTs, SportsIcon connects fans with their heroes. Various athletes have created these NFTs to represent their journeys and allow their fanbases to immerse themselves in the experience.

Raising over $5.6 million in it’s seed round and selling out over 9000 NFTs in 14 hours, this innovative NFT platform also sold out the SportsIcon IDO on Moonstarer launchpad in 18 seconds.

SportsIcon has received investments from Dapper Labs, AU21 Capital, Vinny Lingham, Elefund, Craig Clemens, 4th Revolution Capital among others.

They have top investors which include rap legend and tech investor Nas: former NBA champion Andrew Bogut, Roham Gharegozlou, the CEO of Dapper Labs, creators of NBA Top Shot, Nihal Mehta of Eniac Ventures, Mike Edwards of Argo Blockchain as well as Chad Hurley the founder of YouTube.

This platform is absolutely dedicated to their mission and leverages the latest Web3 advances creating cinematic-quality NFTs, the sports metaverse and the Lion Club DAO.

Floyd needs no introduction

With the renowned Floyd Mayweather partnering with SportsIcon, exclusive opportunities are available for members of the Lion Club. The World Champion took to twitter mentioning his partnership and showing his enthusiasm towards sharing his story.

With a 21-year career and no losses, the American boxer needs no introduction. Floyd Mayweather is renowned for his unblemished record, 15 world titles  and for being the richest boxer of all times. Nicknamed “Money”, Floyd Mayweather has the most decorated career of all time and is excited to share his journey with his fans.

Lion Club Speaker series

In the upcoming exclusive event on January 15, 2022, at 10:00 PST, Floyd will be joining the Speaker Series hosted by SportsIcon Lion Club. This interview will be followed by a Q&A session with an unreal reward for the top three questions. Winners get the opportunity to hang out with Floyd and the Money Team in LA, and to go rollerblading at Floyd’s rink.

Membership of the Lion Club is granted through special edition NFTs which can be obtained on secondary markets like Opensea. Some of its perks include tickets to sporting events, real-world meetups and exclusive deals on SportsIcon NFTs.

This event is beyond exciting and we cannot wait for the experience. SportsIcon is promising another immersive exclusive which drives us closer to the future of sport icons and their fandoms and there are even more huge announcements on the horizon for early 2022.