Top 10 Ethereum Investor Buys Altcoins Covalent ($CQT) And OMG Foundation ($OMG)

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As market is down and the fear index, some of the biggest investors are looking to invest now. These whales know where to invest and many other investors will track there portfolio.

$14.1 million was just spent by a crypto whale on altcoins.

Based on the blockchain-transaction tracking tool WhaleStats, the Ethereum whale wallet Light is ranked as the No.3 whale. Decentraland (MANA) was purchased by Light for $1,845,409.

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Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality world that runs on Ethereum. The 43rd-ranked crypto asset is priced at $2.81.

The 3rd-richest whale wallet also made two purchases of virtual world The Sandbox, the first for 426,000 SAND tokens at $2,044,800.

Light’s second foray into The Sandbox gobbled up 1,703,978 coins for a jaw-dropping $8,179,094.

At time of writing, The Sandbox is the 42nd-ranked cryptocurrency and trading for $4.41.

The whale wallet also loaded up on Covalent (CQT), buying 3,090,000 tokens for $2,039,319.

Covalent offers an application programming interface suite that allows developers to pull data from different blockchains. CQT is currently valued at $0.63.

Light is continuing a shopping spree that began last week when it scooped up over $1.1 million worth of another gaming token, the play-to-earn blockchain platform Gala (GALA).

WhaleStats reported that Light made a large purchase of layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution OMG Foundation (OMG), formerly OMG Network, shelling out over $2.45 million for 399,999 OMG tokens.

The whale wallet also spent a whopping $25,170,000 for a million LINK, the native token of decentralized oracle network Chainlink.

But Light’s biggest catch of all was 2,000 of the Bitcoin-pegged token Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), worth a heart-stopping $86.4 million at the time.

Currently, the Light wallet has a total combined value exceeding $4.3 billion.


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